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Ratnam Peddanana

This is an interesting bit about Ratnam Peddanana. I was in class four. My aunt’s husband expired suddenly. My mother and father had to go to Chennai for a period of eleven days. So that I should not miss school for so many days they left me in the care of Sarojini Peddama and Ratnam Peddanana at their house.

It was a huge H type quarters with several rooms. Chinni and me used to run up and down, play hide and seek. All rooms were available except one in the ground floor. It was Peddanana’s office room. No one was allowed to go in there.

One day the door to the room was left ajar. There was nobody inside. I gathered courage and went into the room. There was a huge table and on it were several files and loose paper. The surprising thing was that instead of paper weights, rocks and all sorts of lumps of ores were used to keep the files from opening and papers flying away. The ores that were of many colours substituted as paper weight. I found this astonishing. I left the room quickly.

During lunch time I became honest and confessed that I entered the office room. I also spoke about various rocks and ores. Ratnam Peddanana nanna was not angry. He said that he

had collected several samples of ores from different places across the world and he used them as paper weight.

I found it an unique trait in a unique man. Not many could do this, don’t you all agree.

Ratnam Peddanana was always there for me for any kind of help. My marriage with Ananth Thyagaraj was finalised in Dr. Ratnam’s house.

This is my fond memory of him.


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