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CVS Ratnam's Family

The Heart of the CVSR Family: Meet the Beloved Members Who Shared Dr. CVS Ratnam's Journey, Their Stories, and their Contributions to His Remarkable Legacy.


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Chaluvadi Venkatasubbaiah




Subba Rao


In Laws


Darisi Rangayya
Father in Law and Mentor

Subba Ratnamma
Mother in Law

Wedding at Penukondda - 
24th July, 1942

Chaluvadi Venkata Subba Ratnam

1. Wedding at Penukondda.jpg

Darsi Sarojini Devi

First born Shoba with Sarojini

First Son Venu with Parents 

Dr.Ratnam’s Children

Chaluvadi Venkateshwar Rao
Chaluvadi Shoba Rani
Chaluvadi Venugopala Rao

Shoba’s Inlaws

Pasumarthy Seshachelam
Pasumarthy Ranganayakama

Son in Law

Pasumarthy Sriramulu & Pasumarthy Shoba Rani

Dr. Ratnam - Follower of Rules

Bride’s hairdo is done with pearls, not flowers.

People were forbidden from wearing flowers at uphill Tirupati those days.

Hairdo with pearls during wedding became a trend  setter later!

Daughter &  Son – In - Law

Shoba & Sriramulu

Shoba & Sriramulu Family

Pasumarthy Sudhir   Pasumarthy Madhuri   Pasumarthy Balaji
With Grandson Balaji Pasumarthy
Three Generations - 
Grand father, father and son.

Group Photo - Neyveli

L-R: Veerayya, Narayanamma, Venu, Sarojini,Shoba, D.Rangayya, D.Pradyumna Kumar, C.Venkata Subbaya

Malleshwaram House, Bangalore

Ratnam & Sarojin

1st Book Smt. Sarajini Ratnam

1st Book of his wife Smt. Sarajini Ratnam’s Lyrics On Shri Rama

Scribe - Dr. Ratnam

He Scribed and edited over 4000 Lyrics written by his wife. He helped her publish 6 books.

Book Release By Former Governer Pendekanti Venkatasubbaiah. 

Ratnam’s 60th  Birthday

L-R:  Sriramulu, Shoba, Sudhir, Ratnam, Sarojini, Madhuri

Son & Daughter in law

Venu Rao  & Elsie Rao

Grand Daughter & Son

Leela Rao &  CV Rao

Grandson Pasumarthy Balaji & Arathi P Balaji

Great granddaughter Aditi, Granddaughter Leela, Great grandson Abhiram

Great Grand Children, Abhiram & Aditi

At Tirupati – Year 1992

Though Dr.Ratnam was 70 he gladly went to Tirupati to perform the 
Wedding of Anupama, daughter of Vanaja , his sister in law

Hero for many leaves the world 17th July, 1994

Dr. CVS Ratnam Memorial lecture given by Grandson
Balaji Pasumarthy

Dr CVS Ratnam’s Immediate Family Now

Balaji, Sriramulu, Shoba, Venu, Elsie, Chinni, 
Leela, Arathi, Aditi, Abhiram

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