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Research Papers

Pioneering Knowledge: Explore Dr. CVS Ratnam's Vast Collection of Research Papers, Each a Testament to His Dedication to Advancing Science and Technology for a Better World.

Dr. CVS Ratnam's legacy includes a remarkable portfolio of over 150 national and international publications, a testament to his significant contributions to the global academic and research communities. 
(includes a glimpse into his research papers)


University of North Dakota Labs, USA - Research on Fuel Technology

Response to the appeal sent to NRDC for Creation of Centenary website for Dr. CVS Ratnam

From NRDC (National Research Development Corporation)

 Cmde Amit Rastogi (Retd), Chairman & Managing Director wrote,


Dear Ms Shobha, Its indeed a pleasure receiving mail from the children of one of the helmsman of NRDC. We shall surely see if we can contribute in your endeavor to recreate life journey of your father. Sh Nangia from our office shall assist you in this regard.



Cmde Amit Rastogi (Retd)

Note : Research Papers are a little difficult to go through as the pages are faded.

From NRDC Archives (National Research Development Corporation

Response to the appeal sent to ESCAP for Creation of Centenary website for Dr. CVS Ratnam

Dear Rani,
We received your email from our SDG Helpdesk Team and we willing to help the best we can. While we don’t have an archive of news coverage, we can look through our archives for any publications or projects that probably include him as an author, contributor or researcher. We will get back to you again once we have any progress. 


In the meantime, we also forwarded your request directly to APCTT, the office that Mr. Ratnam worked before. We are not sure whether we can grab any pieces, but we will let you know as soon as we find any clues.
Best Regards,
ESCAP Library

19 - 25  September 1978 - Bangkok

5 - 16 March 1979 - Bangkok

18 - 29 March 1980 - Bangkok

3 - 5 July 1979 Bangalore ( India)

8 - 13 September 1980 Hyderabad (India)

2 - 6 May 1983 Chaing Mai (Thailand)

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