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Share your thoughts, memories, and messages in tribute to Dr. CVS Ratnam. Your words are a cherished part of this celebration.

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Your feedback and suggestions hold a special place in our tribute. Thank you for reaching out and connecting with us on this meaningful journey.

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Guest Comments

Explore heartfelt messages and tributes from our visitors collected through the Guest form on the CVSR Website

Dear Mrs Shobha


It was indeed an honour for me to be part of the Family event celebrating centenary of Dr CVS Ratnam and his rich legacy.  I humbly appreciate the gesture on your behalf to acknowledge our participation.  I sincerely wish that the example what you have set forth through your action to acknowledge the contributions of our elders, shall serve as a role model for the successive generations.  I shall try and forward you the write up as sought.  

Wishing the very best and good health and happiness to all of you.

Warm Regards

Cmde Amit Rastogi (Retd)
Chairman & Managing Director
National Research Development Corporation

Sreeramulu garu and Sibha garu, my congratulations to both of you for the excellent virtual get together you have organised on 8th. I had opportunity and pleasure to meet virtually many of your family for the first time. Thanks for inviting me to this get together. Regards.

Padmashree Dr. Vijay Gupta

I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for inviting me to be a part of Nanna’s centurion celebration and the exciting website rollout. It was an absolute pleasure to join in on such a special occasion and witness the joy and enthusiasm surrounding both the celebration and the launch of the website.

Nanna’s legacy is a testament to a life well-lived, and Akka all your ideas and hard work to honor and share his journey is remarkable. 

The website rollout adds a modern and exciting dimension to the celebration, showcasing family’s commitment to preserving and sharing cherished memories.

I truly appreciate the invitation, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this memorable day also Akka your Birthday. 

Happy Birthday - “a daughters gift to dad” 

For me, It’s an experience I will always treasure  and can’t wait to hear more about him from you all and Chinni. 

Deepti Patel ( Friend From Houston)

Very well designed.
Great tribute no doubt.!
We feel that both of them are right in front of us now fresh memories

Dr. Rajaram

Very nice and cute presentation Shobha . U gathered so much information and kept his things so nicely, collected all ur members messages , not an easy thing . But I feel ur father from heaven must be very happy and he bless u and ur family by remembering the way u did it . I am not at all like u people , i can't express more than this .


What a tribute! Beautifully done. Kudos to his children especially daughter Shoba for having such love and respect for her dad that she accomplished this daunting task. I personally met uncle Ratmam just once or twice when he visited his Venu. Although impressed with his demeanor and personality his laughter stays with you. In my opinion, his best gifts to society are his children. Dr. And Mrs Ratnam raised well educated and caring children who are caring on his legacy. I am grateful to have Venu in my life since 1966. Venu’s personal actions and behaviors remind me a lot of his father. God bless the family.

Ferdosh (Filu) Nankani

Dear Dad, I see you, lost in thought, Behind a newspaper, magazine, or book. Your curiosity knows no bounds, Your thirst for knowledge, never quenched. You encouraged us to learn and grow, To reach for the stars, to never give up. Despite your humble beginnings, You accomplished so much. You were a natural leader, With command of any room you entered. Honest and generous, always willing to help, Especially those in need. You broke the mold, the first in your family To go to college, to climb the career ladder. You landed at the United Nations, Helping countries market their technologies. I am so proud of you, Dad. You were my role model, my inspiration. You and Mom, a match made in heaven, Supportive of each other through thick and thin. I wonder how you'd handle the internet, With all the world's knowledge at your fingertips. I miss you, Dad, and your booming laughter. But your legacy lives on, in your children and grandchildren. We carry your values, your thirst for knowledge, And your passion for making a difference in the world. Thank you, Dad, for everything.


VENU RAO October 8, 2023 Houston, Texas, USA

Hi, Sobha vadina! Glanced through the website. It has come out quite well. My compliments to the entire team! The photos section ..... brings back so many nostalgic memories ...... gives goosebumps!! 

Unlike some of our AC Tech classmates, I never did get to personally meet your Dad. My impression of him was that like our Dr Laddha, your Dad was among the leaders in a growing India  in research  & industry. This website created by your sister and family members does him justice and preserves his memory with those whom it matters most. Based on his achievements the memory of your Father will linger long.
Please congratulate your sister and family members

Ramkrishna (Pinnu) & Meena Kasargod


Venu, It’s a wonderful tribute to a great man. It explains a lot about you and I can hear his boisterous laugh in yours! Loved Nutty’s and Siva’s tributes. PU

Dear Venu, I read with interest, the life story of your beloved father. He is indeed a visionary and great human being and inspired many to achieve and come up in life.

That is an excellent work by Shoba. Congratulations to her!
A fitting and glowing tribute to a great personality! 

Venu’s Friends

Hi Venu and Elsie,

What a beautiful tribute to your father on his 100th birthday . He was a very accomplished man and his memory is sure to have a positive impact on all of your lives.

Well done web page.Congradulations are in order for your dad and the compilers for their good work.

P Ramakrishnan

Congratulations  Vadina and Venu bava and chinni.  The website is  very exhaustively done. Sooo much info.  Really enjoyed recollecting our younger days. We felt we went back in time. When  we our eyes, and listen, we can hear his loud, spontaneous laugh.

Jyoti Raja

Akka/Bava/Arathi/Balaji/Aditi/Abhiram, The Website is amazing! It shows how great he was & all the good things he did. We really like how you made it. It reminds us of Uncle & why he was special to us.Thanks a lot for making it.

Subba Rao

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