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Beyond the Lab: Delve into the Personal Passions and Hobbies of CVS Ratnam, Discovering the Man Behind the Innovator and the Pleasures That Nurtured His Creative Mind.



Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s visit to Neyveli & a huge hand of bananas at RMV II 

Camera Collection



1st Book of his wife Smt. Sarajini Ratnam’s Lyrics On Shri Rama
He Scribed and edited over 4000 Lyrics written by his wife. He helped her publish 6 books.

Artifact Collection

Panchaloha Idols of Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Hunumantha Sculpted  by President awardee sculptor from Tamil Nadu Blue pottery from China

Elephant family Mahogany From Nairobi, Balsa Wood Wall hanging from Hongkong & Nestling Dolls From Russia.

Mahavir Black Metal, Animals of Australia hand painted and backed and glazed by an Australian Artist & Totem Pole In Redcedar wood.

Carved in Mother of Pearl, Silver Filigree Sail Boat & Pavai – Panchaloha
From Vadalur Fair. 

Gold and Silver Filigree Soap Case,  African Fauna & Elegant Swan from Paris

Ebony Wood Relief  & Redwood Relief

Mahogany from Malawi, Pavai Vilaku From Chidambaram - Tamil Nadu &Roaring Lion In Ebony  

From Indonesia and China Crystal

Rock and Mineral Collection

Dr.Ratnam collected Rocks and Minerals when he visited Mines in various countries. 

Antique furniture Collection


Postal Stamps Collection

He had a collection of postal stamps from more than 90 countries.

Stamp Collection.webp

Walking Stick Collection

Walking sticks from all over the world.
He carried everyday a different stick when he went on his regular morning walks

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