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A Role Model For Many

Dr CVS Ratnam, my Father-in-law, an outstanding personality is always remembered for his intelligence, work ethics, deep knowledge in many subjects, concern for his colleagues and relatives. He is remembered even after 30 years of his demise.

First time I met him at his house in Neyveli when all my family members went there to see Shoba (my wife), for my marriage. Yes, no doubt I was enamoured seeing Shoba, but was awestruck at Dr. CVS Ratnam’s tall, handsome personality. I really didn’t know what to say to him.

In several respects, he was remarkably outstanding. Academically he was bestowed with many laurels right from school and college days. No wonder Sri Darsi Rangayya Garu, my wife’s maternal Grand Father who retired as District Judge noticed Dr. Ratnam’s talents and capabilities at a very early stage and chose him as his son in law.

Dr. Ratnam was always able to judge what was good for him, his family.

We, as human beings, strive to fulfil our responsibilities for family, relatives, and friends, our Society and then our Country and humanity in general. Dr. Ratnam was one such person. He made his parents, family and his village proud by getting a Ph.D. from a University abroad. He was successful in his field and worked relentlessly to set up Clay Washing Plant, Briquetting Plant, Fertilizer plant at Neyveli Lignite Corporation against difficult living conditions thus serving his state which sponsored him for Ph.D. abroad.

His talent was recognised by Shri Abid Hussain, a renowned Indian Economist who worked for the Government as Civil Servant and Indian Ambassador to USA. He invited Dr. Ratnam to head the National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) under the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Here he got the opportunity to present several research papers. Dr. Ratnam was constantly in touch with heads of more than 35 National Laboratories under Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). NRDC’s role is to transfer the research findings developed by the laboratories to Industries across India. He had to keep in touch with the Heads of Laboratories and Promotors of Small and Medium Enterprises. I visited a few small scale industries where his research findings were implemented. Thus serving the Nation at large.

He was appointed as Advisor on Science and Technology Policy in ESCAP - Regional Centre for Technology Transfer, a wing of United Nations. His role in this assignment was to help various underdeveloped South Asian and African countries by transferring technology from other developing countries. It is noteworthy that he travelled to many South Asia and African countries establishing contacts and his ideas were used for the progress and growth.

His personal efforts went into the formation of RMV Welfare Society, RMV Club and for development of the Colony. I met an Assistant Engineers of BBMP. He shared that he and his team were afraid to face Dr.Ratnam if they had not completed the tasks allocated to them.

He believed that people could uplift themselves through education and encouraged this by making contributions to his School & Junior College at Cumbum and the Government Telugu High School at Sivajinagar, Bangalore. He donated to Cumbum library for buying books and magazines. He gave scholarships, medals and Certificates to deserving students. My mother in law, Smt. Sarojini Ratnam and son Balaji continued this legacy.

Dr.Ratnam encouraged bright students to go to US to pursue higher studies be it Master’s degree or PhD. Several of them achieved laurels and excelled in good jobs or as entrepreneurs.

Most of us remember him as a person with a book in his hand, always reading. We seldom see him without News Paper, Times, News Week, etc. He was a living encyclopaedia! He could talk with authority on any subject even topics like embroidery!

He gave talks at the Institute of Engineers where he served as President. He was a visiting faculty at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and was examiner at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

He shared our joys and sorrows and stood by us and guided us through our lives. He would address me, “Mastaru”. We would discuss corporate governance, Indian & world politics.

He was a ROLE MODEL for all of us and for future generations.

P. Sriramulu - Son in Law


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