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Social Initiatives

Creating Change: Explore the Inspiring Social Initiatives Led by CVS Ratnam, Transforming Lives and Communities, and Leaving a Lasting Legacy of Compassion and Progress.

Cumbum High School

For the betterment of High School at Cumbum where he studied, he gave donations, scholarships, medals and certificates. He also supported Cumbum Junior College. He made an endowment to Cumbum Library for buying books and magazines.

Government Telugu High School - Sivajinagar

School Committee Honoring DR.CVS Ratnam

Discussions with School Committee.

He supported Government Telugu High School at Sivajinagar, Bangalore. He was in the betterment committee of the School. He donated generously to the School to rename the School in his parents name as : Chaluvadi Venkatasubbiah and Narayanamma Telugu High School.

Tree planting - HIG Colony, RMV II, Dollar Colony

Ramadhamam, CVS. Ratnam’s House No 22, 2nd Cross, 3rd  Main  Year - 1990

2nd Cross and 3rd Cross in Year 2023

Dr. Ratnam’s initiatives ensured RM II has lush green trees. Streets are a riot of colour during flowering season

RMV Welfare Society and RMV Club

He worked tirelessly to form RMV welfare Society and  the formation of RMV Club. He had to get several sanctions from the State authorities. He along with Mr. Mallegouda and others formed the RMV Welfare Society. 

He was chosen as the first President of the Club


Chandrashekar,BE(Mech), MBA (Marketing)

Founder member – RMV Club |  Ex-GM,National Sales , Mysore, Kirloskar
               RMV-II, Welfare Society Committee member             

Dr. CVS Ratnam and RMV II Welfare Society

It was a pleasant Sunday morning. I hear the familiar “tuk,tuk,tuk….”. A walking stick knocking on my gate, and booming voice calling, “Young man, let’s go for a walk.”

I come out quicky to be greeted by Dr.CVS Ratnam, smiling with his golden tooth sparkling, immaculately dressed in kurta and pyjama, round cap (Himachal), walking stick in one hand and a tennis ball on the other. I join him.

We take a walk in the Raj Mahal Vilas Extension Stage-II–HIG colony (High Income Group) consisting of 3 Bedroom houses built and handed over to the allottees by Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) and the construction contractors were M/s Khodey’s Builders. The houses were allotted and possession was given from 1988. Allottees started moving into the colony and BDA had no expertise in providing civic amenities as BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagra Palike) took over only in the year2000. RMV II Welfare society which was formed in the year 1985 also moved their office in one of the HIG houses on rental basis, located on 13thCross , 3rdMain, House No.___, so BDA and the RMV II Welfare society joined hands in providing civic amenities like garbage collection issues connected with BESCOM and BWSSB to the residence as it was a new layout created.


There were a lot of jobs to be completed like fixing of street lights, water connection to be given to the houses etc. it was the executive committee of the RMV II welfare society in coordination with BDA started working in a full fledge way in not only meeting, various challenges of providing civic amenities but also in creating basic infrastructure for community living.

On my morning walks along with DR.Ratnam, we discussed these things. Dr.Ratnam had held high positions and had travelled to various countries. He had a good knowledge of how a colony should be, whereas most of us had lived in independent houses and lacked this knowledge of community living. He was a visionary. He initiated the creation of infrastructure of the society by forming various sub committees, sports facilities…etc. along with members like Mr. Mallegauda, Mr. Pakala and few others. He would tell us about how a society and its amenities should be for a harmonious community living. It was decided to form RMV -II Welfare Society. This was formed with 44 founder members. 

Dr.Ratnam donated a mechanical type writer and also allowed his personal secretary Mr. Iyengar to assist in drafting letters and keeping accounts and managing the office. Mr. Iyengar’s services and the type writer proved to be most valuable assets of our society. Dr.Ratnam had contacts with Government officials. Whenever we had to go to meet these people, he would fix appointments with them take us along with him in his car for these meetings. Things moved faster with his contacts.

He was a task master but he would to lead from the front. For most of our committee meetings he would be present 10 minutes earlier and greet us as we entered. This encouraged us to maintain time and do our work with passion. As the civic amenities and basic infrastructure were not in place, he would continuously follow up with Government officials. He had excellent communication skills which helped in getting the work completed faster.

He was a people’s person. He would listen to residents patiently about their grievances and offer them solutions to overcome their difficulties. He was very kind.

Dr. Ratnam was working in ESCAP (The Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific). He had contacts with Asian Institute of Rural Development activities. With their guidance he could get many trees planted along the roads in the colony. 

He along with Mr. Mellegauda and others laid a good foundation for an active Rajamahal Welfare Association. When Rajamahal Club was formed he was chosen to be the first President of the club. Now the HIG colony stands with its beautiful green trees and actively functioning club which was his dream come true.

I had the good fortune to be associated with him and learnt a lot. His booming voice and hearty laughter will always stay with me. Thanks to his daughter Shoba Sriramulu that I am able share my thoughts about the very impressive personality Dr.C.V.S. Ratnam.

Mable Rego.jpg

Mabel Rego

 Founder member RMV Club

A man of Principles

Dr. CVS Ratnam was a man of principles. When he was the President of the RMV Society l was a committee member. He was very punctual in holding Meetings and he was the first person to come and wait for other members. At that time RMV society was functioning in a rented house on 3rd main 14 th cross. 

Once during the Meeting he asked which portfolio each member would like to take, l started laughing, and he told me not to laugh because a day will come and members will fight for different posts of RMV society and club. Of course it has come true today. He was a great disciplinarian. He liked to talk about UNO.


I would like to add that he was very hardworking, sympathetic and helpful person.


Rama Laxmanulu

 My interaction with Pedananna (my father's brother) was very brief, but after I grew up was very profound. I still remember when I came to Bangalore after my High School to seek his advice, the first phrase he spoke was "why do not you stay in Cumbum and look after the farms." He recommended that I  study Agriculture in GKVK, Bangalore, and asked to meet a Professor he knew there. Unfortunately, that could not materialise.


Rest all I heard about him was from my father, mother, and my brother Subba Rao. Pedananna and Nanna were very fond of each other and were together during thick and thin of their lives. They were ready to go to any length to help each other and had complete trust in each other. That's why I say their relationship was like Rama and Laxmana. 

Pedananna asked Nanna (M. Sitaramaiah) to cancel his ticket to Cumbum from Bangalore, the day before he expired. Nanna was fortunate to spend time with him during his last moments. Pedananna contributed immensely to his birth place Cumbum through Medals for high performing students where he studied, donating books to the library, and help many people in their studies. 
We are very proud of his achievements and social work he has done. He is an inspiration to all of us.


M.Sitaramaiah, young Shekar and CVS Ratnam


Nerella Prasad

My name is Nerella Prasad Father Mallaiah, Bonthalavari Street, Cumbum. I studied Intermediate in Government Junior College, Cumbum from 1992 to 1994. I am happy to inform that I got gold medal as first prize in Government Jr. college in first and second year.

I studied aiming for that gold medal. I am happy to inform you that I have studied the above higher studies well and now I am in a higher position. Currently I am working as a Commerce Lecturer in Government Junior College, Thurimella. The Trust which was started by Dr.CVS Ratnam is called “ C.V. RATNAM GARI TRUST”.

Nerella Prasad, Commerce Lecturer, Government Junior College, Thirumella


Guide and Mentor

Dr.Ratnams Guidance and initiative had benefited many.


Rao Darsi

A. Anand

Darsi Govardhan Babu

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