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Dr. C V S Ratnam – Gentleman and a Scholar

I met Dr.Ratnam during my AC Tech Days when he was visiting his son Venu Rao.

The meeting was a brief introduction. But I heard a lot from Venu about his dad and

I was excited to get to know him.

That opportunity happened after we graduated from AC Tech. Venu was the first one of us

to go to the USA. He left for the USA in August 1972. I decided to go to New Delhi to see

him off from Kulipirai- Pudukkottai District, Tamil Nadu.

It was a three-day journey by train. I mention this because I was going to go to New Delhi

one way or the other so that I can see my friend Venu and most certainly get to know

Dr. Ratnam.

During my visit I had a great opportunity to get know him very well. He was very kind and

made me feel like I was part of the family.

One day, Dr. Ratnam, Managing Director of National Research & Development Corporation

was going to visit BHEL factory in Haridwar to solve a technical problem. He asked me

if I wanted to accompany him. I gladly said yes.

I was under the impression that Venu was also going. But it was just me! That was a big

surprise. After a stay at the guest quarters, the next morning, he took me to the Ganges

for a holy dip.

Then after breakfast we went to BHEL for the official meeting. I tried to stay back,

but he invited me to come into the fancy conference room where they discussed the

technical problem. He told me, “You are a technologist and come on in and join the

meeting”. I was flattered and never been treated like that until then.

For a brand-new graduate to be treated like that is unbelievable experience.

He also invited me to go to his office with him and I saw him at the office at New Delhi.

During all this visits I was treated like a VIP. All because I was a guest of Dr.Ratnam.

Many years later, when I was visiting Bangalore from the USA, I had called him

to say hello. He was out of town, and I left a message. He promptly called me.

Nowadays many won’t even return calls, but he did.

He was always kind and treated everyone like they are his equal. It was a great privilege to have known him. I will forever cherish those memories.

N. Sivanesan ***

18220 Leafmore Street, Lutz, FL 33548, USA


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