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Brother Ratnamji

Proud to be considered to share a few old memories of our dear brother Ratnamji .

My husband B.S.D. Naidu & Ratnamji were one of the first few officers to join NLC.

My husband joined NLC in 1952. As far as I remember Ratnamji came to Neyveli in1955 before that he was attending office commuting everyday by bus from Virdachalam. My husband and he were best friends. They knew each other even before my wedding !!

I still remember Ratnamji selected Daimonds for my wedding studs!!

He had an Authoritative Voice !!

Adorable Person with great Principles!!

His hard work and sincerity needs to be mentioned !

His education and endeavour was a guiding force to many upcoming officers !!

I still remember- He used a walking stick to ward off dogs when he went on his morning walks in those days !!

His wife :-

Saroja Ratnam was like an elder sister to me !She was well mannered !

I enjoyed her companionship and respected her great guidance and were good friends. We used to be like one family !!Varalakshmi Pooja was done along with her.

Diamonds for my wedding diamond ear stud were hand-picked by brother Ratnamji.

He examined each stone under a microscope and selected the stones. Brilliance of my ear studs are always appreciated by everyone.

Later on they were our neighbours.

They left Neyveli in 1970. This was very hard on us. Difficult for us to take. We missed their company and their love and guidance. Later also we were in contact with them till their last days !

Great memories great days were spent together will always live fresh in our memories

Blessed with such associations.



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