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Anecdotage on Dr CVS Ratnam Gaaru

Anecdotage on Dr CVS Ratnam Gaaru & Smt Sarojamma Ratnam , the two souls made for each other !

We knew them first during our Malleswaram life in Bangalore. From 1970 till 2007 my father Dr N.Krishnaswamiw was practising general physician in 18th cross Malleswaram. After my post-graduation in Ophthalmology I joined his clinicin 1973. May be sometime during 1980s Dr CVSR & Ammagaaru came to our clinic.

I was very sorry to see Ammagaaru lost her vision in both eyes almost totally due to RP , an incurable condition even today. But not only she accepted it but started going deep inside herself to find SRI RAMA , her most favourite God ! She started composing songs on Him in Telugu.

Ours is a music family, my dad on flute, my Mom a veena player & myself a Mrudangam/Tabla player. We had given concerts too on stage occasionally.

My wife sings fairly well , particularly joining in group bhajans. This was the main connection between Sarojamma & ourselves.

It was also interesting to know that my wife's school days were all in Neyveli & she and her parents knew Dr CVSR very well since my father in law was working under him .( Dr Ratnam was the topman in NLC Neyveli then ).

At Malleswaram Dr CVSR was living just one Km away from our house cum clinic. Invariably before every SriRama Navami , which was celebrated in his house in a grand way, Dr CVSR used to come to our house and give us Sarojamma’s new compositions, so that we can tune them, set them in Tala & sing in his house before the alter.

Since we can speak but cannot read or write Telugu, CVSR would read it out & I used to write them in Tamil ! Later eminent vidwans & vidooshis sang those songs in AIR, cassettes & CD were made. Gradually the other members of the family were acquainted by us Shobha, Sriramulu, Balaji & Arathi & of course ever helpful Subba Rao.

Later CVSR moved to his own house in Dollar's colony. We visited there many times. Dr CVSR passed away there.

Soon in 2007 we moved to Sanjaynagar , again just a Km away from CVS’s. place. He has told us that he was a chemical engineer, became the President of Enginners association in Cunningham road, & his prestigious post of Technology Transfer between India and other countries. Surely their noble souls would be ever resting in the Holy Feet of Lord Rama , like our parents' souls.

Wishing all their family members the best in life.

Dr Rajaram & Jayanthi Rajaram


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