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" Hello Father "

recreates the story of a man who wrote his SSLC Board Exam with a PEN assembled from scrap to DR. CVS Ratnam, Ph.D -  a SIOUX award winner by his own will and determination. 

A role model for future generations.

"The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example." – Benjamin Disraeli

Dr. CVS Ratnam: Commemorating a Century of Vision and Impact

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A Fond Note

Out of the blue one fine morning my cousin, M Subba Rao calls me and says, ”Akka why am I not getting any info on Peddanana ( Dr. CVS Ratnam) in the net, he was a great man?”. I suddenly realised that 2023 will be the Centenary Year for my father as he was born in 9-10-1923.

Creating a Centenary website in his name would solve this problem. 


Aditi our granddaughter created a Google sheet which we shared with our family and friends. We wrote appeal letters to organisations where he served. We got a positive response from family, friends and even from organisations where he served. 

From NRDC (National Research Development Corporation)

 Cmde Amit Rastogi (Retd), Chairman & Managing Director wrote,


Dear Ms Shobha, Its indeed a pleasure receiving mail from the children of one of the helmsman of NRDC. We shall surely see if we can contribute in your endeavor to recreate life journey of your father. Sh Nangia from our office shall assist you in this regard.



Cmde Amit Rastogi (Retd)

This letter was indeed a go ahead signal for me.  Articles came from family and friends. Published research papers and relevant documents came from NRDC (National Research Development Corporation), ESCAP (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific), and NLC (Neyveli Lignite Corporation) India Limited; the organisations where Dr. CVS Ratnam served.


Website “Hello Father” recreates the story of a man who wrote his SSLC Board Exam with a PEN assembled from scrap to DR. CVS Ratnam, Ph.D -  a SIOUX award winner by his own will and determination. A Role Model for future generations.


I am grateful to my family and friends and the heads of organisations where he served, for helping me to put this Centenary website together. Dr. Surya Duggirala, my cousin along with her friends encouraged me to cross many hurdles I faced while collecting information. Arathi our daughter-in-law, Abhiram my grandson and Chinni my brother helped me in editing. My cousin D.Murali helped me by promptly responding to whatever information  I asked for. P. Sriramulu, my husband and P. Balaji my son encouraged me whole heartedly in this endovour.  Abhiram helped me find Mr. Jayan Varghese who designed the website “Hello Father”.

Pasumarthy Shoba Rani

- Daughter


Tribute from Friends & Family

Loved ones share cherished moments and deep connections with CVS Ratnam on this heartfelt tribute page

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Social Initiatives

Discover CVS Ratnam's inspiring social initiatives, transforming lives and communities, leaving a lasting legacy of compassion.



Explore CVS Ratnam's personal passions, unveiling the man behind the innovator and the pleasures that fueled his creativity.

A Role Model For Many


Dr CVS Ratnam, my Father-in-law, an outstanding personality is always remembered for his intelligence, work ethics, deep knowledge in many subjects, concern for his colleagues and relatives. He is remembered even after 30 years of his demise.

First time I met him at his house in Neyveli when all my family members went there to see Shoba  (my wife), for my marriage. Yes, no doubt I was enamoured seeing Shoba, but was awestruck at Dr.  CVS Ratnam’s tall, handsome personality. I really didn’t know what to say to him.

- Pasumarthy Sriramulu

Son in Law

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